5 Important Questions to ask a Credit Repair Company Before Hiring It

ask a credit repair company

Important questions to ask a credit repair company

There are thousands of credit repair companies working in the USA. Due to the availability of multiple options, selecting the right credit repair company becomes a daunting task. We are here to help you select the best credit repair company. We have compiled a list of 5 important questions you should ask a credit repair company first before hiring them. Let us see what those questions are. 

Do you have a Money-Back Guarantee?

  • This is one of the first questions you should ask a credit repair company to help you determine if it is valid and good. A good credit repair company will boast its money-back guarantee openly. It has years of credit repair experience which is why it is sure about handling your case efficiently.

If the company in question does not provide a money-back guarantee or provides you with an unsatisfactory answer, then it is time to look for other options. 

What is your price plan?

  • Most companies provide credit repair as a service plan, which includes a bundle of other services. They will charge a base price and a monthly service fee. This is because they aim to maximize their revenues. They want to get the maximum profit out of their customers. It is always a good idea to ask about their price plan and other available options. 

You should also ask the company about the services offered in each plan. This way you can decide which package plan is the best according to your budget and cam avoid any hidden costs. 

How much time will it take to get my credit repaired?

  • Credit repair is a slow process. It starts by analyzing your credit position based on the information you provide. It then analyzes data collected from various sources. The company may consult experts to discuss the best course of action for your case. They may sue and negotiate to settle your case. As a result, you will see your credit score improve gradually. 

This process can take many months to complete. There are some companies that offer to repair your credit score within a short period of time. Their claim is false and impossible to meet.  You should look for other companies that provide a more realistic timeline. 

  • You should also ask a credit repair company about the progress of your case. If you feel that your case isn’t moving forward and the company is too slow, you should cancel and demand a refund. 

ask a credit repair company these important questions

Do you have a license and accreditation?

  • A good credit repair company will proudly display its accreditations and licenses as it has worked tirelessly to gain industry recognition. The accreditations help them prove their authenticity to potential customers.

If the company lacks accreditation, licenses, or gives an unsatisfactory answer, you may be at risk of fraud. Unlicensed companies put their customers at risk by taking illegal means to improve credit scores. It is thus in your best interest to look for another company for your credit repair.  

Do you work with a lawyer?

  • In the credit repair process, a company will sue and negotiate your case with several firms. Their effectiveness is increased if they work with lawyers, specializing in financial affairs. It is always prudent to ask your company to provide you with a list of lawyers associated with them. You can contact the lawyers yourself to get an opinion about the company’s performance and success rate. 

It is important that you ask a credit repair company these and a lot more questions from before taking it onboard. A good credit repair company such as Credit Repair Today will confidently answer all your questions. This company provides a comprehensive plan, free credit analysis, and a money-back guarantee.