Do you guarantee your service?

Yes we do. If we don't improve your credit reports with all 3 credit bureaus then we will return your entire investment. Our experience spans over 17 years in helping thousands of people in restoring their credit to allow them the home, car, etc., they deserve without paying high interest rates and large down-payments. We are licensed, fully bonded and solely focused on removing negative credit from your credit reports. Since this is all we do (you'll note we're not also involved with mortgages, debt management, etc.), we can focus solely on the task at hand, removing the negative credit from your credit reports. After all, this is what you are purchasing. It is this philosophy that has made us an industry leader and allows us to offer our unique guarantee.


Can I restore my own credit?

Disputing the credit report is easy. Getting results from the credit bureaus is amazingly difficult, complex, and infuriating. It is not a coincidence that the Federal Trade Commission receives more complaints against credit bureaus that any other type of business. Remember, the credit bureaus are primarily interested in protecting their profits. Investigating your challenge consumes that profits. Short of sparking a mass number of lawsuits, the credit bureaus seem to do everything in their power to discourage consumers from making progress in their restoration efforts.

Given some experience and study, you could do some of what our staff does. It is nuch like your right as a citizen to represent yourself in court. However, most people choose to utilize a credit correction company to represent them because we understand this complex system better.

Also, a major factor to consider is the amount of time and follow-up required to coordinate disputes with all tree credit reporting agencies. Credit Repair Today has systematized the disputation of credit through a trained staff and a custom designed software package.

Restoring your own credit is like repairing your own transmission or representing yourself in court; it is possible, but you must decide if you are willing to take the time and assume the risks of doing it yourself.


What are the costs of the service and what does it cover?

The fees are set at $675 for an individual and $950 for a couple. This includes a minimum 4 separate disputation attempts at all 3 credit bureaus for each person, acquiring initial credit reports if necessary, and whatever else is necessary to achieve the highest level of success possible. (There are no other charges or "hidden" fees!)


Why dispute the negative items more than once?

Over the years we have found that the repetition is very critical to the success of the program. It's that old proven concept of "Persistence wears out resistance"! With our process we typically see substantial improvement in the first 30-45 days, so beware of the companies that want to charge on a monthly basis. After all, would you hire someone to paint your house on an hourly basis?

What are my responsibilities as the consumer in this process?

When the Credit Bureaus have completed their investigation your newly updated credit reports will arrive at your home in about 30-35 days from the day you enroll in our program. At that point it is imperative that you forward all information to us immediately. Because if there is still anything remaining on any of your credit reports that we disagree with we can continue to work for you to make the necessary corrections. Whenever we contact the Credit Bureaus you will always be notified and you will also be able to follow your progress, 24/7, with your account by accessing our online client credit repair tracking system we call "CRT GatewayTM". And it's as simple as that, we do all the work.


Credit history is now determining not only financing for mortgages, autos, boats, etc., but also insurance premiums, employment opportunities, and many other aspects that greatly impact our lives.