Columbus Credit Repair Programs

columbus credit repair programsDo you want to discover one of the leading Columbus credit repair programs? Perhaps you’ve found other credit repair programs in Columbus OH that have taken your money and done nothing for your credit score.

Credit Repair Today guarantees that they will improve your score, or you get your money back. We are the best ones in Columbus to fix credit — and will fix yours no matter how dinged up it might be.

There are far too many Columbus credit repair programs that have promised you that they will quickly improve your credit rating for little money. Then come the hidden fees, the stalling, and annoying customer service that keeps you on hold for hours at a time. But with Credit Repair Today, we will improve your credit score over a certain amount of time, take care of dealing with creditors, and use our advanced software and experienced customer service agents to make sure you’re happy!

Can Credit Repair Today’s Columbus Credit Repair Programs truly fix my credit?

Yes, we’ve improved the credit of countless clients that have worked with us. Here’s a quick crash course on how we do it.

  • First, enroll in our top Columbus credit repair program online or via phone call.
  • Send us your updated credit statements along with your password and username.
  • One of our trained specialists will contact the top three credit bureaus to figure out where and what the stains on your credit report are. We will also be emailing you your welcome, which will allow you to access the online client tracking system.
  • The credit bureaus do an audit and verification process that takes a maximum of 30 days.
  • After those 30 days, credit bureaus will contact you, which you will forward to our paralegal department to look over. If there are any items that don’t seem correct, we will go over those with you and the credit bureaus to discover how to fix your credit rating.
  • You go and buy that new vehicle or house without having to worry about your credit rating.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Where in Columbus can I fix my credit?” Credit Repair Today is the answer.

We encourage you to connect with our team and enroll in one of our Columbus credit repair programs.