davie credit restoration servicesWe have dealt with hundreds of people in your exact position trying to find the right Davie credit restoration services for them.

We have had a very successful 27-year history in credit repair which is why we enjoy boasting about our high-quality service. The team of professionals who will be conducting your credit repair services in Davie FL take the bulk of the workload to make the process a breeze on your end.

Take a look at the simple 6 step legal process we have created for credit score repair in Davie FL:

  1. Following the enrollment of our Davie credit repair services, you will need to provide us your credit reports. Don’t worry if you do not have your credit reports. We will give you information on how to easily obtain them.
  2. You will also need to supply two forms of ID one with name and address on it and the second one with name and social security number. At this point we will be able to start the Davie credit score repair program you signed up for!
  3. Credit Repair Today’s Davie credit restoration services use an approach that incorporates each of the 3 credit bureaus. This is strategy is based on our analyzation of your credit reports, the Fair Credit Reporting act of 1970, and the updated FACTA.
  4. CRT Gateway, our online client system will provide you a tracking program that lets you see the progress being made within your case at any time.
  5. The major credit bureaus will now be contacted by our credit professionals working with your credit repair services in Davie FL to dispute the inaccuracies presented within your credit score. After this you’ll receive a Welcome Package through your email.
  6. The first step is now completed, and the credit bureaus have 30 days to conduct their credit auditing and verification process. Choosing our credit restoration services in Davie FL leaves you with minimal work on your end.

After about a month you will hear back from the Credit Bureaus. We have you forward this information back to us for review. The professionals working with you on your case will check the remaining discrepancies presented on your reports and reach back out to the credit bureaus. To remove the remaining inaccuracies based on aspects of the FCRA and FACTA.

Credit Repair is waiting to hear from you! We are confident that our affordable service will provide you with a better credit score and happier financial situation. Don’t be tricked into paying for extra fees, our Davie credit restoration services pricing is upfront. Compare pricing before choosing the credit repair company that fits you best.