dothan credit restoration servicesCredit Repair Today offers Dothan credit restoration services that you can trust. Figuring the factors that affect our credit scores is not an easy task.

The way credit points are accumulated can be quite confusing. It involves a series of methods and several categories. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about any of those since we can provide the credit repair services in Dothan AL that can help you fix your credit report.

What are the credit scoring categories?

Percentage of debt

This refers to the ratio of debt against your total asset. Credit Repair Today can help fix inaccurate items relating to your debt ratio. Our team is one of the most respected when it comes to Dothan credit score repair.

Payment history

This category will show your late or missing payments. Cleaning your payment history is crucial since it is one of the most important factors lenders look at. Team up with us and we will perform Dothan credit repair services to fix any errors in your credit files.

Types of credits

Being experienced in different kinds of credit is another important factor that will help you have a good credit standing. Such credits refer to loans, credit cards, and more. For less hassle in gathering essential information, seek out Dothan credit restoration services.

Age of credit

As the name suggests, this category pertains to how long an account has been in existence. The general rule is that you must have at least six months of credit history for your score to bump up.

There is no quick fix to credit repair. No one can magically make your credit history strong and detailed. What our credit restoration services in Dothan AL can do is to develop a customized approach for your needs.


The number of inquiries you made for the past year can also affect your credit standing. Other credit repair services in Dothan AL might miss this by thinking it makes little to no impact at all. In reality, it can put stress on your credit scores.

Embarrassing credit history can prevent you from getting the loan you need. That said, seek the professionals who can provide credit score repair in Dothan AL.

Reach out to our Credit Repair Today office to learn about our Dothan credit restoration services. We have proven ways that can help clear any inaccurate items or errors in your credit file.