fort myers credit restoration servicesDid you make the mistake of choosing Fort Myers credit restoration services in that past that didn’t live up to your expectations?

Credit Repair Today wants to prove to you that looking for Fort Myers credit repair services is no longer a situation to stress about. Our process has removed errors from countless credit scores over 27 years. The experts we have on our team have become very familiar with the diversity among cases. This has allowed us to acknowledge that few credit cases are the same. We avoid giving customers the run around like many other companies do. If you sign up for our Fort Myers credit score repair, you will have an approach designed custom to your case and best of all it will work! 

Realistic Timelines 

Credit Repair Today is realistic with our timelines for the credit repair services in Fort Myers FL we provide. If credit restoration services in Fort Myers ever told that your credit score will be fixed by tomorrow or the next day, you should consider another option. This sort of time frame is not possible due to the laws in place. A complete restoration takes time. If you do not address all the red flags, you score will only be half repaired.  Many credit reports have errors or false information in them and are denied on a loan.

Do you want to be denied on your much-wanted loan? How about being forced to pay thousands more because of an elevated interest rate? Credit Repair Today and our credit score repair in Fort Myers FL will not let you down.

Our Fort Myers credit restoration services six simple steps to success:

  1. First, we must obtain your credit reports and 2 forms of ID from you.
  2. Then our professionals will thoroughly analyze the information.
  3. You have minimal work, but you will get to monitor the work being done on our end via CRT Gateway. This is an application that you can log into for up to date information about your credit restoration process.
  4. While you are waiting to receive your welcome package, we reach out to the 3 major credit bureaus and start the restoration process.
  5. The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 and FACTA, laws state that the bureaus must conduct their audits and verification within 30 days.
  6. When this brief time period is up, you will start to notice dramatic changes being made, that send your credit score in the right direction. Our credit repair services in Fort Myers FL will readdress any inaccuracies not cleared from the score to make it as clean as possible!

Trust the Fort Myers credit restoration services who want your process to be 100% stress free, affordable, and high quality! Call us today!