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Purchase and refinance mortgage

Buying a house can be very expensive and it can put financial stress on you and your family. Real estate terms can also be confusing at times. As a home buyer, you should understand concepts and terms including the difference between purchase and refinance mortgage.

Purchase loan is the type of loan people borrow in order to afford the house they are planning to buy. A refinance loan on the other hand is used to add to that existing loan or get to get better terms on an existing loan. Typically, to get pre-approved for a loan will need you to have at least a score of 650 or higher.

Although there are certain lenders and government programs that require less than a credit score of 600, you will have access to better deals with high scores. That said, you will need to hire a Hollywood mortgage loan credit repair if your credit standing is low to improve your chances of approval and also getting access to lower interest rates.

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