Roger Salam, President & CEO, Homeland Investment Group, Inc.

  “When I started in the Real Estate Investing Business, I had a 700+ credit score. In the course of building my business and buying houses, it had dropped to less than 600 and now it’s back up to 700+ again. Thanks to Credit Repair Today, my credit is cleaned up and I now have […]

John Pautsch, Mortgage Broker

“Credit Repair Today has given us the ability to close more loans and grow as an organization. The satisfaction our clients receive from Credit Repair Today is amazing. Without Credit Repair Today a lot of people would be at the bottom of the financial totem pole with no where to go. Thank you!”

Kenji Inomata, Mortgage Broker, East West Mortgage

“We have only been working with Credit Repair Today for a little over two years now. When I sent them our first “trial” client I was quite certain not much would happen. However, to my amazement, CRT had improved my client’s score from 600 to 680 in very short order. But the best case is […]

Mary-Ellen Hampton, Mortgage Broker, First Mutual Mortgage

“Credit Repair Today has helped many of my clients (including myself) improve their credit reports over the past four years. Many of my clients scores went up enough to have at least a two percent better interest rate on their mortgages, which saves them hundreds of dollars. One client of mine had only two rounds […]

Harry and Debbie Artt, Clients

“I just wanted to write and thank you. My husband’s ex-wife had totally trashed his credit. We were desperate so we started looking for someone to help us with fixing his credit report. Although I was skeptical at first, I figured Credit Repair Today was the best choice because of your in-house legal counsel. I […]

Scott Feazell, Principal Broker, Real Estate Financial Solutions, Inc.

“Credit Repair Today has been assisting our company, Real Estate Financial Solutions, Inc., for over four years now. When I first met with Credit Repair Today they made it their policy to fully understand the difficulty of the first case we sent him. Credit Repair Today did such a great job of raising this client’s […]

Bill Dangelo, Client

“I had gone through bankruptcy and after the discharge needed to have some adjustments made on my credit so that I could make some major purchases. Credit Repair Today was the perfect solution for me. It was so easy – all I had to do was send a representative the information I received from the […]

Bill Wingate, President, Gulf Coast Mortgage of Naples, Inc.

“We have sent clients to Credit Repair Today for many years. The service has helped our clients correct negative credit reporting and enabled them to secure much better financing due to increased credit scores and accurate vendor reporting. I personally have had my credit history corrected with Credit Repair Today. The service is worth every […]

Laura Jean Roy, Client

“I contacted Credit Repair Today about a year ago. I had tried to repair my credit on my own with no success at all. I was frustrated, irritable and not sleeping at night. I had reached the end of my rope. I had gone through a divorce which left me with terrible credit and items […]