Doesn’t the idea of owning a home or new vehicle excite you? 

With our Lauderhill credit restoration services, that idea and so many more are possible. Bad credit is a stressful situation that thousands of others are currently dealing with and have dealt with in the past. Help in on the way. In 30-60 days, you can be sitting in a much more pleasant financial situation with our Lauderhill credit score repair program that Credit Repair Today offers.

If you are wondering why we quote you a 30-60 day time frame compared to other credit restoration services in Lauderhill FL who say the process takes days, it’s because we are being honest and realistic with our timelines. 

During our credit repair services in Lauderhill FL Credit Repair Today will reach out to creditors, credit bureaus, and a few other entities regarding the FACTA laws and the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970. These laws allow for a 30-day time frame from the day we contact them for them to respond to our disputes. They must remove faulty errors so they will no longer be on your report. So, as you can see the credit restoration process takes some time and our credit score repair in Lauderhill FL is no different. Often will be repeating this process with different approaches in order to get your report as clean as possible.

The process takes time and acknowledging this simple fact will save you frustration down the road! If you get tricked into the companies who boast a quick credit fix you might find yourself looking for restoration services again. The credit repair process is an investment, so why would you waste your money with the wrong company when you can get everything you need from Credit Repair Today.

Credit Repair Today’s Lauderhill credit restoration services are not just very successful, but super affordable too!  

Our company even avoids fees that you might find with competing Lauderhill credit repair services. The price you see is the price you pay when you choose Credit Repair Today. Even though our credit repair services in Lauderhill FL may seem like magic, they are not we have 27 years of experience in credit restoration which is why we are so successful.

The professionals at Credit Repair Today and our Lauderhill credit restoration services are ready to help and guarantees you a successful credit repair or your money back. The first step of the process is to call Credit Repair today for a free consultation!