Are you looking for a Lauderhill home loan credit repair service that is affordable and trustworthy?  The credit repair services in Lauderhill FL that Credit Repair Today (CRT) offers are exactly what you need to get approved for a home loan. It is stressful knowing that a lender will not approve your loan due to a low credit score.

Therefore, it is important to contact Credit Repair Today because our Lauderhill credit repair services take quick action following your sign-up with our program. It takes around a month until the exciting results start to show. This is mainly because by law the credit bureaus have 30 days to respond to our inquires. Do not let this scare you though because our Lauderhill bad credit repair program works so well that we back it with a money-back guarantee.

Would you like a better idea of how the Lauderhill home loan credit repair service we provide is completed?  

A basic outline of the process is as follows: 

  1. Following your decision to choose Credit Repair Today and your sign up, your job is to provide us with your credit reports. Our home loan credit repair in Lauderhill FL will begin as soon as we have your credit reports and two forms of identification. No worries we will tell you exactly how to obtain your credit reports if you do not have them.
  1. We will immediately start your credit repair by reviewing your credit reports, formulating a game plan, and contacting the three major credit bureaus. We will use the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 and FACTA when doing your bad credit repair in Lauderhill FL.
  1. While we do all the work to repair your credit you will be assigned credentials to our CRT Gateway tracking system, where you can monitor the progress being made on your account.
  1. The “welcome package” for our Lauderhill bad credit repair will be emailed to you around the same time we begin the communication with the credit bureaus.
  1. Within 30 days the bureaus must respond to our inquires and remove everything they were not able to verify in our correspondence with them.
  1. Following a 30-35 day wait period the Credit Bureaus will send you updated credit reports. Please send these to us asap. We will review your new credit reports to see what errors remain and will do another round on your account. The best part of the process is 1 fee covers you for a full year of service!

Let our Lauderhill home loan credit repair program work for you. With your new credit worthiness, you will be approved for your home loan in no time! Call Credit Repair Today to get started!