So, you are determined to increase your credit score using a Miami mortgage loan credit repair. That is fantastic! Credit Repair Today can provide you the Miami repair credit you need.

We have been repairing credit for 27 years and our team that can perform effective mortgage loan credit repair in Miami FL for you. Let us help raise your credit score and increase your buying power!

Raise your score to the lender’s requirement

Before you try to get access to a home loan, you first need to understand how lenders see borrowers. Lenders will determine whether you are creditworthy or mainly by looking at your credit scores. So, if your score is below their requirement, getting help from Miami mortgage loan credit repair company should be your first step.

Your credit score is one of the factors that lets lenders determine if you qualify for a mortgage loan. Basically, the terms of your loan such interest rate and your credit risk rely on what score you have. And your score is based on different factors and information from your credit files.

Now you can understand how important your credit score is. If you need help with increasing your credit scores and your creditworthiness, reach out to the professionals at Credit Repair Today and talk with one of our repair specialists.

A low credit score can affect the loan you will receive and the interest rate you will have to pay back. For example, a 620-credit score can have up to 5% interest rate, while a score of 760 will get less than 3%. That will a huge difference over the life of your loan.

It is essential to raise your score to have the best possible loan terms. And even if you think your score is fine, consulting with our Miami repair credit team is a smart decision. There could be inaccuracies in your credit reports that we can fix to bump up your scores up even higher.

Remember that lenders use information from all the credit bureaus when evaluating your application. We recommend you talk with us first so we can help analyze your credit situation and you can have peace of mind in knowing what to expect from lenders.

If you want to know more about Credit Repair Today and our Miami mortgage loan credit repair program, contact our office. Schedule a consultation today and let us help you with your credit journey. Call Today!