Are you having trouble finding a hustle-free Portland home loan credit repair company? At Credit Repair Today, our company has been a leader in the Portland bad credit repair scene for years. We have a tried and tested process where you do not have to fill out any forms or call creditors and credit bureaus.

Basically once you enroll with us, we do all the work for you.


Why our Portland credit repair services are different

Sometimes, when you want to buy a house, creditors turn you away or ask you to pay excessive interest rates or demand huge down payments. They do this because of your bad credit, which means you need the services of a good Portland home loan credit repair company.

At Credit Repair Today, we help anyone that needs home loan credit repair in Portland OR.  Here is what we do:

Many credit repair services in Portland OR are offered by companies that are more concerned about taking money from you than actually helping you. For example, some companies that handle bad credit repair in Portland OR sometimes charge hidden fees that could quickly add up to thousands of dollars. This money should be in YOUR pockets…not ours.


Learn more about our Portland bad credit repair

With no hidden fees, Credit Repair Today’s Portland home loan credit repair specialists carefully analyze your credit reports to find errors and misleading information. We work extra hard to make sure that you see excellent results within the first 30 days. Contact us today with your questions and get started.